4 thoughts on “For DSL Cheaper and Slower Means Market Share”

  1. Actually lack of bundling would be another competitive advantage. Don’t make me buy the SBC phone line or lame 30-channel lineup from Comcast, if all I want is DSL/Cable.

  2. One possible differentiation could be roaming agreement with WiFi service providers, that allows users to access BB from locations other than their house ( at a low or no premium obviously)

    Other could be providing enhanced services like – Managing storage (network based) for subscribers. They can help digitize, store and manage multimedia library ( movies, CDs, pics etc ) and provide remote acees to subscribers when they are away from home.

  3. I think i agree with Alex’s comment up there, an unbundiled service is a great option to consumers. Also i think if some of the players get the iptv think out in the market they can use the “more-bandwidth-you-have-the-better” analogy to get people to upgrade. But i have to say Dhruv’s comment up there has a lot of meat to it, the possibility of networks allowing you to play your stored data on Tivo like devices on your ipods when you are in-home or out travelling in your car can totally redefine the reason why we require broadband access

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