3 thoughts on “For Facebook-boosted video apps, reality checks in”

  1. An excellent follow up to yesterday’s piece Om, thanks. My question is: without Facebook’s social graph is it possible to build a sustainable video sharing app? The likes of Viddy and Socialcam are more interest-based networks, which is probably why they’re pushing hard for user growth to the detriment of user engagement.

  2. I absolutely loathe social apps, games etc for Facebook. I’m always sharing stuff from sites (shame this sites’ mobile version hasn’t got any sharing options to click like “addthis”), but I hate sites automatically sharing my actions automatically and hate seeing such auto- posted spam on behalf of my Facebook friends on my wall.

    Facebook has already made it more and more difficult for (mobile) users to get to real news posts made by friends, what with comments from friends to people you don’t know, tags of friends by said strangers, social readers and other garbage polluting the news feed. It’s enough to make me block strangers’ and unsubscribe from friends every day helping me to make Facebook less and less relevant until I finally move to the next big thing.

    More people should do this. After all, the more strangers we block friends unsubscribed from and stricter our security (block ALL apps and sites people, “addthis” still works), the bigger the message we will give to Facebook and its business partners about what it is we want, and the easier it will be to jump ship if they refuse.

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