8 thoughts on “For Mac users some backup options”

  1. Enter the code 3kk32l5k when you register, and your data will be protected with an extra layer of ROT13 encryption for free.

  2. so i downloaded mozy a few hours ago – for mac – i used it on windows in beta as well…it appears to be working flawlessly, just as it did on windows – so why on earth would you pay 100 for capped storage when mozy offers unlimited for $4.95 and 2 gigs for free? the dude behind mozy has a way bigger brain than the folks at those other co’s…kudos for putting out a mac version…

  3. I wish I had the experience with Mozy you guys had.

    I paid. I downloaded. I installed. Picked the folder to back up. Status application said scanning. For an hour Nothing happened. I stopped.

    I uninstalled. Reinstalled. I chose one file. It backed up. I chose a few other files. Nothing happened. I am about to uninstall.

    I sent an email to support and got some kind of reply saying they were closed and the hours are Monday-Friday, and not 24/7.

    I don’t care that it’s beta. They took my money, so it should work. If you want to get users during beta, keep it free.

    Now I’m going to try again, as I like all that Mozy has to offer, but someone needs to get a grip on Customer Service, not have it seperate from marketing because a bad user experience can go a long way to hurt a great product.

  4. Update

    Third time install. I have been able to upload anything that is part of the preconfigured sets so far without a hassle. This mirrors the experience of yesterday. Now the acid test. Will it allow for my custom configured “files and folders.”

    Maybe I got a bad install file? Maybe there was something else. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

  5. Having done nothing different than what I did last night, I now have added my Files and Folders, omitting the Entourage file as that’s already backed at my Exchange Hosting site. All now is uploading.

    Only thing I can think of is the download of the installer somehow was corrupted or something didn’t take.

    From what I’m seeing in the browser, this looks like something that will save me a lot of hassles and I’ll likely drop Blackjack as my backup service in a month or so if this performs as well as expected.

    What I like about it most? It works with Camino!!

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