15 thoughts on “For Motorola, WiMAX & Promise Of A Comeback”

  1. Would be nice if the US carriers and some in Europe followed Sprint’s lead here. But for all the talk of the “unfettered access to their network” Motorola needs either a carrier or one of their own certs (both meaning ineffectual ‘admission fee’ third party test labs and app lockdown) to allow Java apps access to the internet and I mean even One Time authorization.

  2. For Motorola, who is lagging Alcatel and Ericsson in mobile infrastructure business WiMax is an opportunity to create a new market. Sprint is also very strategic in getting commitment from Motorola and others like Samsung to go along with its WiMax plan. Sprint is going to in the Mobile panel at Berkeley Digital Media Conference http://www.playconference.org, come by and ask your WiMax strategy qustions.

  3. I am optimistic on the success of WiMAX because of the IP-based architecture. The IP based architecture will help to mobilize many wired web applications. It’s the time to bring data on par with voice- hoping WiMAX is the answer.

  4. Back out of the virtual world for a minute, and you might wonder why all these silly people are running around with those RAZR phone-toys in all their various forms. Is this just a local anomaly? I think not. Take a trip in your wayback machines and you might see Motorola pioneering the radio tech that got us started down this path.

    Oh yeah, then they put a brilliant woman named Warrior in as the CTO, and that’s more than aesthetic. I think Motorola is doing quite well right now in the larger scheme and in the sphere of innovation that so many web commentators cover so myopically.

  5. It is potentially tragic that Ralph Whitworth at Relational Investors LLC, a bottom-feeder that owns between 1-2% of outstanding Sprint-Nextel shares, might actually force Sprint to fire Gary Forsee and, more importantly, scuttle Sprint’s visionary attempt to build out a viable WiMax network in the U.S. It is a classic case of near-term greed vs. long-term profits. Please contact Relational at info@rillc.com.

  6. The competition between Wi-max and GSM like technoligies being stiff, I think that if Wi-max were to truly make an impact in 3rd world countries an initial push needs to be given in the form of grants, aid etc or else the illiterates would be enticed into hspda like technolgies which are seen as the natural evolution of mobile technologies.

  7. One thing to remember is that Sprint can use this technology to save lots of money in operational expenses. No more checks to LEC’s. Which is important to a company who does not have direct last mile connectivity to their dedicated data customers. This technology can deliver what MMDS promised to provide broadband speeds with high reliability.

  8. well Motorola / Wateen (wateen.com) are giving each other a bad name in the name of WIMAX. The services are pathetic.

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