For News Corp, MySpace Offers Hope

8 thoughts on “For News Corp, MySpace Offers Hope”

  1. “Rich Greenfield, the scary smart media analyst at Pali Capital..”

    HE IS SCARY ALRIGHT – but please leave the SMART out of your description. I won’t get into his ramblings – but know enough facts to say without reservation – this boy is SCARY alright.

  2. Your use of my photograph here is without my permission. How I allow the usage of this photograph is clearly stated underneath the photograph:
    “Photograph copyright Pınar Özger. Commercial and non-commercial use in blogs and news articles directly covering Web 2.0 Summit 2007 is permitted with attribution and link to this page.
    For all other uses, please contact me at

    I need you to take it down immediately or get in touch with me for proper licensing.

  3. @Pinar Ozger

    I am so sorry for using your photograph. I had linked to your photograph on Flickr with proper credit but apparently I didn’t do enough. I have taken it off the site. Please accept my sincere apologies.

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