13 thoughts on “The State of Wireless Broadband: 225M Subscribers & Growing”

  1. Will there be a free upgrade from 3G to 4G or yet another opportunity for big mobile makers to market a new product and make a killing on the hype.

    yeah yeah, we have heard that before, as it will be a completely new technology we would need new hardware to access high speed even though one can access from 3G handset….”in order to truly experience 4G technology” it would be better to buy new hardware”

  2. Definitely, HSPA based mobile broadband in developing countries is fast becoming an alternative to fixed line broadband. 3G is a good option for the people who live in areas where there is no ADSL or cable infrastructure in such countries.
    Developed countries in north america and Europe would see more adoption to 4G mobile broadband as 4G is the next generation mobile broadband and can resolve speed and traffic issues better than 3G.

  3. Om, as Stacey’s recent posts suggests, pricing for data plans in the U.S. remains at levels that limit adoption to a small segment of the population, and recent evidence indicates softness in demand even within that segment.

    I think an important topic for discussion is Mobile broadbrand pricing – particularly in markets where prices are lower or have dropped, compared to the U.S. – and its effect on adoption and usage.

    I would be interested in any data and perspectives you or readers might offer.

    Phil Hendrix, PhD

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