6 thoughts on “For one night, Yankee Nation sleeps”

  1. It was a good win for the Yanks. Back from the break in hostile territory where some sort of ballpark participation is always part of the game. Moose settled down after the first. Mo overpowered the top of the order in the ninth. The ball was flying out – including off of Giambi’s bat. And A-Rod got the opportunity to pin the L on the latest gimmick – the bobble ankle closer.

  2. it was a good win, but given the pitching problems, how long. it is just amazing to see them in the race these days. amazing with all that money spent on pitching, it is the toughest piece for yanks.

  3. Ouch. This morning hurts.

    It makes more sense to buy pitchers on their way to 200 (or 300! wins) then to buy the ones with 200 wins – struggling to get to 225. But the brass does not seem prepared to find those guys.

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