7 thoughts on “For OpenTable, Mobile Means Mo' Money”

  1. I tend to agree with the notion that mobile apps and smartphones are the future of computing. However this article on the Economist http://www.economist.com/node/16381330?story_id=16381330 had a counter argument. The article looked at revenue generated the mobile app sale and not at the service provided by the app. OpenTable asserts my belief that the service ( software) is the revenue generator not the mobile application ( Opentable is a Free app on App Store).

  2. Mobile smartphone platform is a greta fit for services sauch as Opentable and I am not suprised at the traffic and seatings they are generating from their app.
    It’s only natural for them to extend and provide value added services and a loyalty program as suggested by you is the key.
    Wow, tonnes of opportunity for Open Table them, great work guys keep it up.
    Jeff Jordan is indeed a very smart guy, I listened to his inteview once [can’t remember where] and I immediatley concluded that he is the right person at Open Table

  3. In my opinon OpenTable needs to own a site focused around places and activities since they already have the database of places and then integrate opentable functionality. that way it transforms itself from just being a reservation service to being a combination of Yelp, Gowalla and Groupon.
    I suggest they buy a domain like http://www.placesa.com (places and activities), since they already have the database of places which are actually interesting to people, and customer feedback about a restaurant this will make placesa a combination of Yelp, Gowalla and Groupon.
    I bet this a better way going forward.

  4. Hey thanks for the great article. I tweeted.

    I like your points on mobile, but it’s dangerous. I was working at a startup that was competing with OT back in the day but lost because it was too focused on mobile. OT was way better at doing something people are used to and are comfortable doing, instead of pushing customers into something they’re not. As people are more used to mobile, OT should definitely put out features to match, but focus on core which was what kept it profitable and alive.

    There’s several OTs in europe. Just eat has a lot of VC money.


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