10 thoughts on “For Skypers, First the Party, Then the Job Cuts”

  1. What’s wrong with companies that fire people during the winter holidays? We all understand quarterly reporting obligations, but couldn’t these companies just reserve for terminations in calendar Q4 and then let people go in January?

    It seems thoughtlessly cruel to let people go at this time of the year.

  2. It is never a good time.
    However, remember that this is in Europe. Over here you get pretty decent severance packages, for instance if you’re let go before the first of December – which seems to be the case here – you have up to 3 months notice, where they have to pay you, but can ask you not to show up.
    Plus vacation time earned (4 weeks per year), which they cannot force you to take in mid-winter.
    So as nasty as it seems to be let go just before the holidays, this does not mean no presents for the kids or no food on the table.
    Plus, since summers are usually slow in Europe, due to vacations, it is much easier to find a job during two periods of the year: Sept-October on one hand and January-April on the other hand. Pretty much nothing happens between mid-June and late-August, so you don’t want to have the new guy settling in during that period.

  3. I think that how Skype treated it workers is dishonest. How could they deprive people of their work just before Christmas? The fact that they are giving workers up is natural. Companies are searching for the reduction in costs, so workstations are being reduced. However, they should have warned them about it. I am indignant at this fact. So far I regarded Skype as a respectable company. I changed my mind.

  4. I’d love it if Google nabbed Skype. Maybe they could fix the darn thing so that people “skyping” in to the podcasts that I’m a part of don’t sound like robots half the time.

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