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  1. i am using a similar application form an Indian startup called Mocodile [www.mocodile.com ] and i am pretty happy with the performance . one possible way to making money by such application is to use them as a server mediated / P2P Media sharing . a MMS message still cost a fortune if they can somehow make MMS free/Cheap both of them can be a hot company and a possible contender for bundeling with proverbial Google Phone [ok ,thats a long shot ] but making money is a secondary problem real problem is to find a use case with considerable Niche size.

  2. DISCLAIMER: I’m a SoonR employee.

    Thank you for a good write-up. I wanted to make 2 key points of clarification:

    1. We have actually come up with a whole new approach to backup and remote access. This is where the company is going on the technical side, it happens to be a great fit w. mobile carriers and hand-set manufacturers around the world. We haven’t left remote access behind, it’s very much part of the new direction.

    2. Easy Box is much more than hosted Exchange, it is actually a full bundle for the IT-department-less SME: Computer, phone, broadband wireless, broadband, all necessary voice and data plans and hosted applications. All for one fixed monthly fee. A very visionary offering that we’re extremely proud to be part of.

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