8 thoughts on “For Telcos, Old Fashioned Triple Play”

  1. This is off the topic. But, Om, what is your take on fixed mobile convergence startups? anyone you think that they have got the game right? Thanks!

  2. And in our part of the world Airtel & BSNL are trying to roll out IPTV on a Copper to Home network-LOL. When asked about the QoS, the response was they have extremely superior compression technology 😉

  3. Providing TV is a market block, anyway. The cable companies aren’t making money off of providing television. Why do you think they covet the phone market so much? The smart phone companies are better off partnering with satellite for the bundling, and stopping or slowing line loss, than they are trying to find “best uses” for the network. The best use is providing telephone (low cost, high revenue)! Until formatting, channels and digital distribution changes completely, TV is a break-even proposition.

  4. As a consumer, I’m tired of hearing that IPTV is a losing bet. Here we have big companies pushing the envelope to create infrastructures that will ultimately give us a whole new world of media options. Of course IPTV isn’t going to make money instantly, but innovation rarely does. And someone’s got to try this stuff out so that eventually a money-making solution is found. More to the point, we as the consumers are benefiting from the trial and error process.

    Side note- who cares how many people know what IPTV means? Normal people don’t go around talking about SDTV, but that’s probably what they have in their living rooms.

  5. Cablecos don’t make money providing TV — yeah right. They covet phone because they want to grow revenues. This is the same reason the phonecos want to offer TV. It’s not that one or the other doesn’t make money it’s that they want new ways to make money.

  6. In countries where cable TV penetration is very low (Italy, Spain, for example), IPTV has a very good chance of success. And I´m positive also for other European countries. Strange how Americans continue to think that what is happening in US will be identically repeated elsewhere in the world. Is the mobile industry an already forgot example?

  7. Om, I have written a series of columns on this very topic at my blog that may be of interest to your readers. Fortune, Forbes and the Business Week columns don’t offer suggestions how to make the IPTV consumer experience more appealing — and I do.

    Digital Lifescapes

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