9 thoughts on “For the iPhone App Store, Future Holds Chaos & Opportunity”

  1. The coming times will definitely see some kind of buoyancy in advertising market but to si.ngle out that mobile telephony will make definite strides in 2009, is beyond any reasoning, It is true that situation has bottomed out and the coming period can only see a northwards movement

  2. Great piece, Om – Omar’s exactly right about the app discovery problem. We’ve just shipped a product that takes a swing at improving app discovery by tapping the wisdom of the blogosphere (your blog network included). It’s called AppStoreHQ, and – like The Hype Machine in music – we help iPhone owners discover the most-talked about apps among a select list of knowledgeable analysts. If you have a sec to kick the tires I’d love to run you through our plans and get your feedback.


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