18 thoughts on “For Yahoo, momentum, not management, a problem”

  1. Wouldn’t the decline in Yahoo page views have a lot to do with them finally rolling out the new version of Yahoo Mail which is heavily AJAX based and therefore requires very few page reloads?

  2. These are unique visitor numbers – not page views. that was one of the reasons i stayed away from the page view metric.

    The argument is not the page views, but stagnation is overall number of users. As the numbers stall, the page views have to go up substantially in order to make up for the loss/deferred revenues.

  3. Never mind, SEO, I wrote page views when I meant to write unique visitors. updated the post to reflect that. thanks for the comment. the dust is clearing from my brain.

  4. google’s slowly but steadily catching up it seems. i suppose its got to do with its roots. it has got it wide and deep, as compared to yahoo’s. back some time, i still thought yahoo ruled. but.. as the dotcom game always goes, extreme fluidity persists in this industry.

    who knows what’s gonna happen next.

    best regards!

  5. I’ve always been wondering if people wanted to stop for a second and compare the two homepages – Google’s and Yahoo’s.

    Which one would you rather start your day with – the one that takes almost 5 seconds to load (cable modem, with the newest Firefox), greets you with a big ad on the right-hand side, a whole “marketplace” section down the center, not to forget a “sponsored offer” line at the very top and a handful of idiotic celebrity stories or the one that takes one second to load and lay out and has no ads?

    Has something that simple ever enter Yahoo’s execs’ minds? That may be (just may be) their homepage, and by extension, their brand sucks and more people are starting to realize that?

  6. Google is the media darling, getting tons of free press while Yahoo receives generally negative reviews. I like the search engine results of google better, perhaps one reason why they are doing better than yahoo.

  7. I don’t think Yahoo’s search is worse than Google. It just has a different view on which of the billions of pages it should present.

    I mostly use Google for most searches. But when I’m looking for information about a subject, I often use both of them because they both contain relevant sites but at different positions.

    Most people I’ve heard that says Yahoo has less relevant results are either people who used their old search engine, or those who thinks Google’s rating is the only one that matters. You can’t expect both search engines to give identical results.

    Try a search on http://www.langreiter.com/exec/yahoo-vs-google.html and see the differences

  8. yahoo will do what every large media company with momentum troubles has done in the past – it will try to buy it’s way out of the problem. my bet is this will be resolved for better or worse at the transactional level.

  9. I like Slavito’s comments because it gives a great perspective about Yahoo vs. Google from the user perspective.

    Yahoo’s doorway is cluttered with nonsense. Half the time when I need to search for something, I won’t go to Yahoo. I need a simple search vs. seeing Paris Hilton’s un-makeup’d face when I go to do a search. Do I care about P.Hilton…no!, but the image and news gives me enough pause to sometimes forget what I was going to orginally look for.

    This is exactly why I use Google for my search, email, and news aggregation. It’s easier, more useful to my daily activities and doesn’t present distractions.

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