9 thoughts on “Forget del.icio.us, Meet Wists Visual Bookmarks”

  1. I don’t think Backpack will be similar to Wists.

    Jason posted something about Wists awhile back that became a pretty healthy discussion and eventually led to my work with David on Wists.

    Fast forward, Matt from 37 was in attendance at David’s “welcome to the right side” party.

    It wouldn’t be very 37’ish to take someone elses idea, especially when they are friendly with that someone.

    I’m betting Backpack will be something new. Especially considering their recent post about “reminders” in Backpack.

    As for magic, I’m sure Wists will get an unexpectedly healthy dose soon πŸ˜‰

  2. i hope so. because i think those guys at 37signals come up with pretty interesting stuff, and that’s why I didnot believe that they could just do visual book marks.

    nice to hear that wists is going to get a vitamin shot, excellent

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