12 thoughts on “Kevin Johnson Joins Juniper as CEO”

  1. Om,

    Great post. I was thinking the exact thing. A software guy moving to a company that sells expensive routers. I don’t know the guys background. Nevertheless, very strange move.
    Some time back I had heard that Juniper was considering offering SaaS apps for network management/qos and eventually moving into a business line that would compete with Linksys via an acquisition (D-Link?).

  2. Some folks are mentioning that Juniper could move into Services, so your comment suddenly makes a lot of sense. I think network management as a service and security as a service could be two big plays for the company. The only downside – after known Scott for 12 years, I probably would have a tough time trying to figure out new relationships 🙂

  3. Great post Om,

    As a recent ex-Juniperite and big fan of the company, I really think they can make a big leap forward with more software smarts… especially as with NAC, UPnP etc, endpoints are becoming more aware of the network and vice versa.

    The industry needs a big competitor to Cisco in enterprise market, and Juniper has a great range of products and people in the field.

    Services play would be interesting, I know traditionally they had tried to not compete with their service provider partners (eg – never got into MSSP themselves before), will be interesting how this plays out..

  4. Good post Om. It will be very interesting to see what Kevin would do at Juniper.

    Though service component is a potential money spinner, traditionally when firms like Juniper competes with their own long term partners (who are service providers for ages now), historically we have seen that this model is a failure in the long run.

    Eg. Enom and Directi (domain registration services companies) trying to enter into hosting space and The Planet/EV1 (hosting companies) trying to enter into domain name registration services.

  5. I suspect the news leak about where Kevin Johnson would be joining next caught Juniper PR by surprise, they probably intended to announce it a few days later after the dust had settled on his departure from MSFT.

  6. Kevin Johnson is not a software person (his background is support & sales) and as President of the Windows/Live/MSN division he really did not deliver anything. (expect the Yahoo soap opera!). Just curious how this benefits Juniper (time will tell).

  7. Seems more like a visionary founder CEO bringing in a more operations oriented replacement to me. Juniper is big enough that operational excellence is as important as innovation and the technology. Scott’s good at the latter. Kevin’s background favors the former as he’s had IT and Operations management roles, overseen integration of acquisitions and worked closely with Ballmer and, especially, Turner.

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