FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here

11 thoughts on “FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here”

    1. Rohan many of our readers are Blackberry users and FourSquare users. And while you think FourSquare is a flavor of the month, I disagree and think differently. Thanks for letting us know of your opinion.

  1. How is going online to retrieve leader board data a little jarring? How else can you do it? How is a hard to find leader board a feature that’s missing? Sure it’s not user friendly, but that versus the blackberry platform where they simply cannot leverage the platform? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for new features…

  2. Thanks Om – I am a long-time BB user and twitterholic – would love to check out Foursquare on the BB, and hadn’t seen the Beta link before. I’ve signed-up now and fingers crossed….

    Thx & Rgds,


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