11 thoughts on “FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here”

    1. Rohan many of our readers are Blackberry users and FourSquare users. And while you think FourSquare is a flavor of the month, I disagree and think differently. Thanks for letting us know of your opinion.

  1. How is going online to retrieve leader board data a little jarring? How else can you do it? How is a hard to find leader board a feature that’s missing? Sure it’s not user friendly, but that versus the blackberry platform where they simply cannot leverage the platform? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for new features…

  2. Thanks Om – I am a long-time BB user and twitterholic – would love to check out Foursquare on the BB, and hadn’t seen the Beta link before. I’ve signed-up now and fingers crossed….

    Thx & Rgds,


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