2 thoughts on “Fox in the hen house: Kickstarter backed short wins Oscar”

  1. I’m not sure the “industrial creative complex” has been all that bad for us. In the past, patronage was hard to come by, and entertainment pickings were slim. Mass distribution of entertainment gave it a scale that enabled the creation of all kinds of new genres and forms of expression. Patronage never went away, really (we still have the National Endowment for the Arts, private commissions, etc) – but it was dwarfed by the larger institutions.

    What Kickstarter has created is not a reversion to the old world of patronage (thank goodness), but something completely new, in which “average” (middle class) people can fund things that interest them. It’s definitely exciting, but I don’t think it will supplant the studios and production houses any more than they have supplanted patronage.

    1. “I’m not sure the “industrial creative complex” has been all that bad for us”

      face it, you’re not getting a movie/book/song deal unless the entertainment execs think it’s a good idea – read – return on investment – which is why there are so many terrible Transformer movies out.. it’s also why a show like Twilight continues to live and Deadwood was killed after three seasons.

      digital mediums and crowd sourced funding put the art back in the Arts. and let the little guy focus on what they want to do

      (I have little to no interest in what BMI/Warner/Sony/Universal say is good music)

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