Coming Soon, Free Hosting for Facebook Apps

22 thoughts on “Coming Soon, Free Hosting for Facebook Apps”

  1. I’m curious what language is best suited for facebook development on Joyent. They seem to be big into ruby on rails, but I’m also considering Java and php.

    Criteria for “best” in my case would include up-to-date software libraries and frameworks that would work well for this, and documentation clearly showing how to set it up.

    Thanks for any helpful pointers on this!

  2. Charlie: the Facebook Accelerator we built works with PHP, Rails, and Python. We are fine tuning one for Java and should have that ready shortly.

    Our standard Accelerator works with them all – without fail.

    Nicholas: we invested a lot of time and energy into this program. I would like the opportunity to prove you wrong. Sometimes you do get more than what you pay for.

  3. Joyent or not, you still gotta hand it to someone willing to back the amazingly cool Facebook App Community. It’s the consistent, usable applications that really set Facebook apart from other Social Networking sites.

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