7 thoughts on “Free Gigabytes for email”

  1. Hmm.. I have no idea what I am going to do with even the single gmail accnt I have! I still don’t think Iwill entrust it with my personal emails and I have more that enough email accounts setup to receive mailing list posts 🙂

  2. Interesting list of players in the email arms race! As of now though, Aventuremail is not offering new free accounts. Try to sign up, and you’ll get this: “We are currently not accepting new registrations. Accounts can be purchased in our store (http://www.aventuremail.co.uk/store) in the mean time.”

  3. I wonder what is going on? The race to be the gigabyte email provider is heating up. Is it just contagious? Everyone is just either trying to atleast be on par with google or beat it. Google has a ad model, what do the other providers have? Do users really need a gigabyte or two of email space? So, all of a sudden someone just decided that 2 MB (hotmail) or 4 MB (yahoo) is not enough.. lets offer 1 GIGABYTE instead 🙂

  4. I signed up for Aventure the day they launched…they didn’t expect so much of signups and have stopped accepting the new ones.
    It is a good system, but unstainable on its own…

  5. Guys like Rediff offering 1 GB of mailbox space is sheer madness !
    While their survival to a large extent depends on their mail user base, one wonders how they are going to foot the bill for the millions of dollars required to set up 100 TB odd of storage space

    they for sure dont have aces up their sleeve like the Google File System which helps in reducing costs !

  6. Ah, good to know. Interestingly enough, I just covered a very related topic here. If they had/have the ability to offer all this disk space, why did they let Google get all the fame for doing it first!?

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