5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: fringOut For Cheap Calls”

  1. Fring is a great innovative company.

    Like Nimbuzz did a few month ago, fring follow. These VoIP/chat app company start with a free app to use with your VoIP provider & prefered chat services. Then, because they don’t make enough money, they launch their own VoIP services. Problem: they don’t know anything about to be a telecom provider before that!

    I don’t think they do that because of Skype conflit. They do that to try to make more money, nothing else.

    1 cent a minute? I think their margin will be very low. They make the same mistake of every new provider. It’s not just a minute! It’s people, developpers, network, interconnection, licences.., all these ingredients cost a lot at the end. At 1 cent a minute, there is not a lot of margin (even no margin). It’s also possible that at this price the quality of the call will not be “Premium routes”, so the quality will not be the best as possible. I think, they will change the price later when they will understand how it works.

    I don’t think Skype or any other VoIP provider will low their prices because of Fring. Nobody want to go directly in the wall and start a price war. It’s better to concentrate on the quality & the services, because “price is not all!”. BTW, the difference at 1 or 2 cents/mn for 5 hours calls/month to landlines, it’s just 3 dollars!

    There is another problem. My company, like many others SIP provider, signed a contract with Fring for auto provisioning. So, we recommend to OUR customer to download Fring. Now Fring will contact OUR/THEIR customer to propose their own services. If it’s the case, it’s totally not fair…

  2. A quick check and the prices are no way near 1 cent.

    It doesn’t even make sense to talk about 1 cent per minute, as most mobile phone carriers charge 5-10 cents per minute from the carrier that delivers the call.

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