4 thoughts on “From ClownCo to Video Star: Hulu beyond Jason Kilar”

    1. It uses XUL runner.. guys in china who left microsoft labs @ china joined hulu’s intial team.US team use to write code n share it with this team in china who on other side of clock worked to launch Hulu in very short time. Joost.. goog’s ad word edits uses same tech.. this is the version of story I know off.. cheers!

  1. Hear..hear… I wonder if apple could convince the chap to jump on board to help navigate the ” hobby” that is Apple TV!

  2. I enjoyed Hulu from 2007 – 2009. Then, they started to suck. I switched to Netlix and have never been happier. Good riddance to Hulu…. you have not been missed.

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