12 thoughts on “From zero to half-a-billion: CEO Jeff Lawson writes the perfect story for Twilio”

  1. Great Post! Thank you for sharing your story about Twilio. Jeff Lawson seems to be a great leader with a strong vision! I personally found the adaptation process interesting. Wish the company and him all the best!

    Michael Negele

    1. Thanks @Michael

      I agree. Jeff is a smart, thoughtful and an amazing leader and will continue to do interesting things in the future. Let’s hope his success continues.

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  3. Great Post! Thank you for sharing “Twilo” .Jeff seems like a great CEO! That give me hope to stay focus on my dream of helping the housing market to regrow. Helping homeowners eliminate foreclosures! Keep up the good work.

  4. “I see API replacing the dial tone” is the best way to sum up what is going to be the most important trend in SaaS over the next 10 years.

  5. Excellent Article Om Malik!
    I respect and admire Jeff Lawson, Twilio Founder. He refused to quit and kept innovating his idea, launched the company and found investors with the courage to take a risk. Wow!

    With the recent revolutions about the Obama Administration Spying on American Citizen’s Social Media Accounts, my startup Whouter.com, Inc. (http://www.Whouter.com) is a confirmation that I made the right decision to not require or store user’s data or whouts to ensure their privacy. It was a bold decision at the time.

    Those of us who simply want to innovate, build, and create new technologies should be able to do so without the interference of our own government violating our constitutional rights. We can never lecture other countries about their treatment of their citizens, when our democracy engages in the same policies and practices. Progress cannot be controlled, maybe delayed for a short while, but the illusion of freedom and justice for all, should be made a real promise and technology will lead the way.

    Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
    Whouter.com, Inc.

  6. Awesome read. The bit about every new hire spending some time in customer support is one piece of wisdom we all have but seldom carry out. I’m making it a point to do that now!

    It’s great to re-think your business as an infrastructure business and doing the Hackathon thing was a really smart move. All the best Jeff!

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