9 thoughts on “Comcast, they got Gaming”

  1. It’s interesting to see MLG making these partnerships. I’ve worked with the organization for the past year or so and they are entirely unreceptive to promote or give back to many of the online organizations/communities that report on their activity.

    For example, their forum moderators constantly squelch any mention of external sites in their forums. If you are a print source, however, your article will surely hit be plastered all over their frontpage.

    Is this an example of a company that just doesn’t get the new web mentality, or does the self-reliant mindset make more sense for a budding brand?

  2. “This is yet another result of broadband’s increasing prevalence.”

    Really? An incumbent cable provider offering fairly inane content that’s available at any of a hundred other websites in a quest to increase ad-revenue?

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