15 thoughts on “Building a Safer Web with GBrowser”

  1. Firefox has gained a share of one third of the market. They should have it working on IE as well, but a product solely for Firefox isn’t that bad.

  2. Sounds like something I’d like to try out. The thing about kids is – they’re pretty resourceful and tech savvy – as young as they may be. My daughter (17 mos.) already has the layout of my laptop figured out and will not leave it alone when it’s in sight – regardless of whatever Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Barney the Dino toys you offer her. The way I see it, as good as this service/product might be, it’s not an “out”. I’m already bogged in guilt for letting the TV babysit on occasion. I worry the acceptance of a “safe” web will only lead to parents directing less of their attention and energies to meaningful time with their kids. It’s always best to sit down and surf together, share experiences however short and sweet.

  3. This is the equivalent to locking the door but leaving the windows open. (No IE puns intended).

    If you want parental controls, the only real way to do it is to restrict access at the OS level, even better is on the router itself.

  4. Seems like a good move, providing access and oversight that would address the concerns of conservatives and liberal alike.

    The right “branding” to PTA-like orgs with simple setup instructions (including setting the default browser) should easily overcome the Firefox adoption “issue”.

    I’ll help with the online viral marketing!

  5. Hi I’m never sure what goes on in the Windows world but we solve the problem on our Macs by

    giving our daughter her own user identity (she LOVES this idea, customises the screen etc)

    setting Safari in safe mode, ANY site she vistits has to be white listed by the administrator, me.

    Not difficult
    Or am I missing something?


  6. Matt, the concept will work for small kids. My 7 y.o. needs just that much to limit her from exposure by accident.

    I don’t quite understand how it works though. It mentions the parents get a pop-up to approve the link out. Does it mean parents have to alway be online for this to work?

  7. As far as I understand, it’s much better than the safari white list.

    Am I getting the right impression or not?

    So, you somehow install it, set your user identity, and one for your daughter as well. She browses just as in safari white list, but the nice part is that if she gets to a site that is not allowed, she can ask you for immediate access if you are around…But in case you are not around, she can send you a request. If you are “logged in” somewhere (your office), you can accept it or deny it, since you receive a notification on your browser…I guess the notification is pretty much like a dialog or something nicer, that pops up suddenly when your daughter sends it. But if you are not online … you receive an email. Anyway, you receive the notice..it’s not a big deal for a kid to wait a few hours I guess. Worst case you daughter can give you a call and ask you to check your email, don’t you think?

    My niece doesn’t read, and likes the nick web page though. She won’t be able to browse herself even with a white list…she can NOT read => she can NOT type. So, the safari solution is NOT an option. Looks like the images is a nice idea, I guess she will certainly recognize the cookie monster image LOL.

    I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Honestly I think “laddie” is right, we should spend more time with kids.

    BUT what about people like me, that has to take care of my daughter…and my job, at the same time?

    It would be lovely to get payed for taking care of her. I like to have her around, but she can not be on my laps all the time. She uses paint sometime, but I don’t let her browse by herself, only during my lunch time 🙂

    If there was a white list, like you mention, with pictures she can click on, that would make my life so much easier! And it won’t make me feel bad, not make me be a bad mom…is it?

  9. It is about it something will be safe on the Internet, and more then that safe for children.

    I think we all look for safety, everywhere, the Internet is just one of the places.

    We all need to know we can trust something in this world especially with out children.


  10. I think even more than just a “safe” browsing experience, this is a whole new vibe for kids. They essentially have their own Internet, only filled with the things that are safe for them. I seems to me that they can log into any TGW enabled Firefox and have their Internet pop up, contacts, bookmarks, friends… etc.. From anywhere, home, school, etc..

    This sounds very exciting, I can’t wait to give it a go! 😉

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