112 thoughts on “Get your Joost invite now”

  1. @Emil

    A one-time server error has nothing to do with the quality of the service. The site is getting overloaded with all the people who have just seen the article on GigaOM and NewTeeVee.

    I got an error too, but then I tried again and it worked fine.

    Patience is a virtue, even in this series of tubes.

  2. I got on for a few minutes and saw what I was hoping to see. It appears the MPEG codec is delivering sub-par for TV viewing. I hope we can get a better codec to our PC’s and other internet (mobile) devices. I’m counting on Espre.

  3. Me parece que se ha avanzado mucho en sistemas para ver tv a traves de internet yo espero poder ver y utilizar este programa que sin duda alguna es muy novedoso


  4. Please invite me to joost beta
    If someone has a free invitation, I’m asking you to invite me. I promise to deliver my own invitations to others when I will get them.

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