Get ready for Peer 2 Peer TV

3 thoughts on “Get ready for Peer 2 Peer TV”

  1. There’s something called UK Nova, which allows people to upload and download stuff from the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and five.

    Cybersky seems to allow people to watch live TV, which would be useful for sporting events, although pre-recorded stuff is preferable for those living in different time zones.

  2. The last “hot” thing is Peer-to-Peer online TV. Thats is, sharing a TV channel (any channel you may receive) with other internet users.

    The current initiatives (like Cybersky, Coolstreaming, DTV / Broadcast Machine from Participatory Culture and Kedora) are listed on this site.

    This site also hase more links to real time and on demand video channels.

    See more on

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