7 thoughts on “Gigabit broadband’s chicken and egg situation”

  1. American business is stagnated by greedy short term thinkers masquerading as ‘capitalists’. We need more long term thinkers in every aspect to not only push technology but avoid economic disasters!

  2. This is very sad. When a Hong Kong ISP knows about EPB Fiber and states that he can provide the same service at 10% of what we charge, we are really not leaders any longer. We need a Sputnik moment to scare the Senators and Representatives into not repeating the lies about how great our nation’s internet service is, that they get from the bribe paying ISPs.

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  4. The government should build a wholesale fiber network to every home and business and America. A 20-year jobs program. A nearly guaranteed payback. More competition. A non-exclusive lease to any and all comers.

    Oh, and guess what?

    The price tag is <1 year of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that's not even included the fact that it will pay itself back probably 100x over before all is said and done. Issue dedicated bonds if you must. How we have failed to do this over the past 15 years is completely beyond me.

  5. What pittance these telcos give us and call it “broadband” is just a shame. US is now way behind even Romania is broadband and slipping further.

    I would say one of the biggest highway robbery in the modern times was the tax breaks and billions these telcos took from Washington with the promise of delivering pervasive, fiber optic service from shining sea to shining sea. Now we know, we will never see it.

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