39 thoughts on “GigaOM Favs: 10 Blogs We Love”

  1. I think I depend on the old standbys. But I’ll check these ones out…if nothing else, it’ll be exciting to the blog owner/writer to have an unexpected surge of visitors.

  2. @bgurley,

    I am not sure I understand about the URL. Can you let me know what the problems are so I can fix them.

    @ Liz

    Thanks for the comment. I think these are worthy of a look, if nothing less.

  3. Thanks Om! Now I have 10 *more* feeds in my RSS reader. Which I need almost as much as I need a shotgun blast in my knee! 🙂

    Seriously, though, I’ve been following you, your blogs and your progression for the last couple years, and you have never failed to educate, inspire, and enlighten me. These, of course, are excellent finds, and I’m glad to have discovered them. Thanks for the info, and keep up the excellent work!

  4. I’ve looked at a few and one thing I notice about all of those I looked at is that they are regularly updated, usually several times a day. Where do people find the time? I mean, I understand if your blog is a business and it’s your job to be up-to-date on things. But I’m still mystified and impressed at people (with jobs? families? friends?) who can update their blog throughout the day with new content. I guess that is why a lot of blogs have a full list of contributors…you need help!

    (Can you tell I don’t update my own blog on a daily basis?)

  5. @bgurley meant the RSS url you had in your blog, he/she is right, it doesn’t work on Google Reader either

  6. Nice compilation. I’m new to the blogging scene so I’m constantly looking for additions and info to help my site improve.

  7. @Todd, please keep up the good work. I’m learning a lot between the posts and the link love.

  8. Quite rude of you to combine the feeds like that and link them into a Feedburner feed. If I were an owner of one of those sites I would be pissed off. By providing a consolidated feed you have diminished there brand. Put their feed on a service that the may not want to support. Simply ridiculous. Some sites wisely choose not to use feedburner and to think you just put 10 sites into a combined feed on feedburner makes me realize you don’t respect these sites content at all.

  9. Hey Om, good picks. How about an OPML feed with all the side-project blogs run by Gigaom network writers next? 🙂

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