73 thoughts on “GigaOM Interview: Michael Dell, CEO & Founder of Dell Inc.”

  1. @OM,
    to bad you didn’t ask about Microsoft’s “new” plan to compete with Apple. Mainly by:

    “Today, we’re changing the way we work with hardware vendors to ensure that we can provide complete experiences with absolutely no compromises.”

    Does Dell even know about this? Them not being able to provide the full Microsoft experience, or it’s not Microsoft’s fault.

  2. Nice interview Om. Dell is in a very interesting predicament, and Dell’s comment on the “direct model has been a great revolution for the industry but it’s not a religion” is very pertinent. But where to from here? Diverse sources of long term revenue, from services akin to HP and IBM will be hard to achieve for Dell, simply because people don’t view them as that sort of company, and that isn’t their core competency. I think mergers are in the future… Sun, CSC or Wipro perhaps?

  3. I loved your last question about Dell’s competitive advantage the best. I don’t think he had an answer for it. They are probably still trying to figure it out! 🙂

    1. do you have any idea how to reach Mr. Dell (jerk) so I may say how uphappy disgusted with my laptop and printer and the horrible tech support out of India….


  4. Interesting interview, Om; except you forgot to ask him to clarify about his popping off ~10 years ago about Apple liquidating itself back to their shareholders.

  5. Om:

    Michael Dell continues to strive to stay alive in the PC market and would appear to be making inroads towards that critical goal. Smaller, and more powerful devices, like mobiles and net computers are the rage, but what will be the next thing?

  6. Simply, Mr. DELL, as today, few hundred of dell employees have been lay-off(fired) in Canada(DDS). Meanings, few hundred Canadians families are, again, strugling day in- day out ’cause your “very nice” way to make bussiness. God will take of you !!

  7. I think the affiliation with BluHippo is going to make you millions. If you look up BlueHippo you will see that they are not so nice as Mr. Dell here. Hmmm seems if Mr. Dell is in bed with Bluehippo, which was founded by the same guy that ran Cretitrust into the ground, maybe he is NOT such a nice guy. But I guess if BlueHippo can get away with charging two and three times what a computer costs what does Mr. Dell care right? He profits either way.

    Disconect from BlueHippo now. There have already been two class actions, multiple attorney gennerals and thousands of consumers wake up, you should too.

  8. Dell sucks! Customer “Care” Center is nothing but a bunch of foreigners who hardly understand English and who never help you. I waited on phone for 1 hour and 15 minutes and was never helped. I got a bad black ink and I justed wanted to return it and get another and they never helped me at all. Was transferred over 8 times. Don’t buy a dell unless you are not worried about any service afterwards. Buy from someone who employs actual Americans!

  9. Now I know why you employ nothing but cheap help from India. Your article about how great you are is by OM “MALIK”. HMMMMMM?

    This guy is a joke. His company sucks and he don’t even care. Why don’t you be man enough to put your e-mail address down so that people can write to you with complaints just as Chase Carey does from Direct TV? I will tell you why – because you know your company sucks!

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