20 thoughts on “GigaOM Network Content to be Featured on CNNMoney.com”

  1. Hi Om,

    It is great that you’re business is expanding but for me someone who loves your columns and insights this is not a good sign. I only read your columns on your blog and I increasingly find it cluttered with ad’s random articles (how to network in silicon valley etc) more continue reading arrows and writers that don’t write as crisply.

    I’d much rather prefer if you kept to the Craigslist model and true to your writing (which is delightful).

    Hope your are listening

  2. GigaCo & Om,

    Congratulations on another milestone. Your new partners will benefit from the clueful reporting, analysis, and commentary @ GigaOm.

  3. @All thanks for your kind words.

    @videomonetization Your points are well noted and we are going to try and make sure that you are not disappointed. Thanks for your feedback – it is super helpful.

    @Mathieu Ramage, yes we do have those plans. stay tuned.

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