26 thoughts on “GigaOM Show: Jason vs Kevin & John Travolta”

  1. Om, I think this is super. Im so glad to see that you have created this show. Show #2 here is also already a great improvement over the last. I’m sure your show will grow into a really valuable mainstay. Congrats!

  2. Om,

    Its a great show, just one suggestion.

    include an option to view the show full-screen. It really hurts to see it in tiny screen (I know I can download and view the show in full screen mode but then I have to wait for it to download).

  3. Hey Om,

    Great episode! I enjoyed the conversation between Kevin and Jason. You should get more tech-celeb guests on. Also, the thought bubble from Joyce during your Travolta defence was funny.

    I’d like to embed this video on a blog. Unfortunately, Revision3 doesn’t provide any embed code for their videos. Shall I upload the video to YouTube? Or is there some other way?


  4. I love this show so far. Joyce and Om, you cut through the BS, and are a refreshingly intelligent and complementary duo. Ditto’ing the other posters, 1) make available on iTunes, 2)create an embed link, 3) full-screen would be great. Thought bubbles are great….

  5. Mr Travalota

    Moves are looking lot better. I thought disco era is all about colors what’s with dark threads. Don’t look for loose change in the couch you have a tele prompter or Q-cards don’t you. Looking good.

  6. Om, I really dig the show. It’s fun to watch. Both you and Joyce have good chemistry and TV personalities.

    I just wish the interviews were longer. The back and forth between Jason and Kevin was really interesting but it felt like you didn’t have much time to dig deep. Can you bring them back but go for a hour?

    Also… the large quicktime file doesn’t work on my iPhone. Do I have to use the small quicktime file?

  7. Om,

    Get a teleprompter for those hitline segments.
    You dont want to look at your notes all the time.

    Just a lil suggestion. Love the show.

    ps — still waiting for you to show up with hat and a cigar.

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  9. Good show. I skipped the beginning – just watched the Calacanis/Rose discussion. I have to agree with you Om, some garbage results have been showing up on Digg recently (last 6 mo. or so). I think the demographic has also changed a bit, resulting a larger percentage of stories that don’t interest me. Interesting Rose mentioned Slashdot, I left Slashdot for Digg.

  10. Congrats on Episode 2. I really liked this episode. Putting two people together who in the blog world seem to hate each other, but in real life they’re actually quite apathetic to each other’s company’s actions and just focusing on their own innovation was interesting to see.

  11. Om and Joyce, kudos on the show. I really like what you’re doing with the info snack transitions. The show is well done.

    I do have a question for you. Will the show ever reach out beyond the insular SV personality scene? You have much to offer in production value, personality and knowledge contribution, but I’d love to see that talent applied to the amazing developments in technology that are occurring beyond the boundaries of self-important SV. Will it happen?

  12. I see that the show is on itunes now, but why can’t the show be played on the iphone? Is this an apple issue or revision3 issue? Please fix it, my only ipod device is a iphone.

  13. The lighting could be better on set… dark on the inside of hosts. I agree with the teleprompter comment. The couch looks uncomfortable for the guests. Graphics look great!

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