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  1. I’m the calendar’s producer, and I can confirm that all the model’s bios are legitimate (they work in the Tech industry as computer technicians, programmers, database developers, aerospace engineers, and more). In fact, it was not difficult to find these beautiful and intelligent techies. If you have questions, you can email me at info@geekgorgeous.com.

    Senior Softwar Engineer
    Calendar Producer
    Ms. June

  2. Jesse:

    WTF? Sales Departments? Did you read these women’s bios? It’s attitudes like this that keep women out of technology.


    You have to work with me here, man! Women can be smart AND sexy – it’s more than possible, it’s rampid. And…seriously, the whole geek=unattractive thing hurts us all. 😉


  3. also i did not question the geekiness and gorgeousness factor. i just wondered about the authenticity of the calendar and well, lilac says it is authentic, and that’s fine by me.

  4. Appologies. I didn’t check out the site at all, let alone read bios. Still, what can I say: I went to an engineering college (10% female enrollment) and have spent many years as an engineer with (5% of co-workers female). Going months at a time without seeing a woman at the office has made me bitter and colored my comments. Really, you have me all wrong. It is my dream to be surrounded by female colleagues and it is my disapointment at its lack of realization that lead to my misguided comment. I fully retract my statement and beg forgiveness.

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