686 thoughts on “Giveaway Wednesday: FON Wi-Fi routers, Joost and some Babelgum”

  1. Looks like only US residents can recieve the free router. However, the site allows anyone to register.

    I’m Canadian… dont be hating πŸ™

  2. I’d love an invite to Joost, I’ve been kissing butt all over for one and still to no avail. Is it true they are rarer than rocking horse excreta?

    Joost Please, Don’t make me beg.

  3. can you get me a free

    ZOOMVID.com account?

    now that would be splendid. They are giving them away for free, but I want in on the testing they are doing now!

  4. yeah, I second that… any ZoomVid.com accounts? those went like freakin hot cakes and I just signed up for the second Beta round. But still, I heard that there is a lot going on inside the first round of Beta that is testing now.





  5. ZoomVid.com Beta account giveaway? I heard they will let you keep your VIP account status!!

    thanks to tommy for sending me over here for a ZoomVid.com account

    ZoomVid please. email this address!

  6. I would love a Joost invite! or a babelgum if no joost invites are still available. Thanks!

  7. am I tool late for a joost invite. I am a broadcast student I would love to show this to my peers.

  8. I’m not sure I WANT a Fon invite. Sorry, but not interested in inviting strangers to come use my wifi connection, even if the router is free. If I owned a coffee shop, sure. To my house? No thank you.

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    zzzzzzzz oooooo oooooo mm mm vv ii dddddd

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  11. Is this “Free La Fonera” promotion available for canadian users?
    How can I help spread FON here in Montreal?

  12. On the off-chance that I can still get a joost invite this late into the offer, I’d love one, thanks.

  13. I would love a joost invite please. I work in Emerging Media via Advertising so my request is real legit.

  14. Oh! Oh! Oh!… I’d love a Joost invite – I already have a Babelgum login, but they aren’t beta testing for macs yet πŸ™

  15. a Joost invite would be awesome!
    If they’re all gone, I’ll take one for Babelgum.

    ericjdunlap at gmail dot com

  16. hey, if I could get an invite of Joost and/or Babelgum if you have any left at this point, or when you get new ones, it would be much appreciated.

  17. Hi, please please please please send me an invite to Joost! I’ve been reading about it for months, and would love to try it out! Thanks so much!

  18. I know theres a slim chance for a joost invite but if you can throw the old boy one for old time sake it would be greatly appreciated

  19. Ahhh… Joost…

    Finally! An opportunity to try without trading an organ. I better take down that Craiglist ad. Silly me! Free all along!

    Well, if I win, a kidney of your choice is yours.

  20. Is this “La Fonera for free” promotion available for canadian users?
    How can I help spread FON here in Montreal?

  21. i’d love to test joost please. Hope you can invite me.
    cahurtad [at] gmail [dooot] com

  22. I know you requested not to ask for Joost, but if you ever happen to receive more invites, I’ve been unable to get one from Joost themselves. I’ve been waiting forever – this would be a godsend!

  23. Wow that’s a lot of comments! I’m sure everything is already taken, but I still have both my balls so I’ll part with one for a Joost account!


  24. This is Prince Joost, from Joostlandia. Brother of Joostia, son of Joostice, cousin of Joosti, newphew of Joostof, father of mini-Joost and 8th generation Skyponian. I lost the keys of my house, and my wive won’t believe it’s me without an invitation.

  25. OMG I have been trying for weeks to find an invite to Joost!!! Please please pretty please… I kinda think I am tooo late tough.

  26. if there are any invites to either joost or babelgum left please send to:


  27. istnt there a joost beta lest going on you can sign up for?

    and the router would be perfect for school access… we have to reply on the school networks and those suck

  28. Okay guys I have to shut down comments since there are no more invites. Sorry, but will revive the thread when there is more invites.

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