6 thoughts on “Gizmo Project 2.0, Out Now”

  1. Om, the link to Gizmo Project goes straight to the download page, which attempts to download the installer without any prompting. It might be nicer to link to the homepage.

  2. i wish you’d also mentioned that it is not out in 2.0 for linux before i wasted my time looking for it.

  3. I see that “SIP compatible” has been translated into “works with Asterisk”. Is decommoditization still evil if open source projects are behind it?

    And PhoneBoy reports that Gizmo tunnels all its traffic through servers owned by SIPPhone, even if you enter a different server name. Given the AT&T/NSA scandal, this is not a good sign.


  4. really gmail.com
    gizmo, skype, aol, ms yahoo icq everyone everywhere.
    Its time to include all in a meebo like place and let us live all ready!
    Maybe gates will infact do that.

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