2 thoughts on “Global mobile revenues will be $1.1 trillion in 2012. Here's why.”

  1. A trillion sounds like a lot but when those BRIC companies starting taking off even more you’ll be looking for new words above a trillion. I think we really are at the very tip of the iceberg in terms of mobile at the moment

  2. What is missing here probably is the fact that the future holds a new mechanism for “Pay Per Use”. Which will cut costs for providers and raise charges for the end users.
    Future networks will leverage Wifi much more than it does today. Automatic/autonomic change of networks will be the name of the game. Moreover, our devices will monitor our consumption much closer. In that sense we may be paying differently for specific services / applications. We already see that happening today here and there. In the future pay-per-use is the only model that would make sense for the providers. This is how service competition is going to be conducted naturally too. With carriers getting a big chunk of the prize.
    Lower costs and higher charges. That’s one heck of a plan for the carriers.

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