8 thoughts on “GMail Maybe a Little Better”

  1. Good one Shadilac. Completely agree. This is stupid. I already forward my email to Gmail from other account. Now I can pull them. Wow! Gmail is finally complete. And I wish people would take their noses out of Mike’s ass.

  2. Probably not! I would have typically ignored it if there was no chatter about it. Since people are talking, I am just adding a few lines of my opinion. Anyway RCM, I kinda said pretty much the same thing. Just being a tad mellow in my words this weekend.

  3. Most of the Google’s features are user generated ideas in forums and suggestions. And the good thing is that they listen to these and try to implement it as fast as possible. What Liz says it is right but there is no mail program that does all those things, but who will be the first one to do it, it surely will be Gmail.

  4. I use gmail more now than I did a year ago, but I’d use it more still if the html editor had some Ajax-power injected into it. Such as: give power users a vi- or emacs-like interface. I dread interacting with an html textbox – whose interactive feature set (lack of it, really) hasn’t changed in a decade.

  5. So Hotmail has been perfect since 1998. Because that was the year that I started using Hotmail to read my POP3 mail on the go: way before MSN bought it. Is that feature no longer available? Is that even a feature? POP3 should be standard equipment in any email client.

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