31 thoughts on “Impressive New Feature Makes Gmail’s Inbox Smarter”

  1. It will roll out to all users over the next week. As it is in beta, you will have to enable it. Look for the red “New! Priority Inbox” link in the top right corner of your Gmail. Clicking on this will give you a short intro and let you turn it on. Enjoy!

  2. While I am not a fan of all the Google products out there, GMail is one of the few that I love working with. I almost wished I received more email so I could spend more time working within it and fine tuning it.

    I can’t wait for this feature to roll out for my account to play with.

  3. This looks pretty darn useful. My only concern would be missing important stuff that gets routed to “Everything else”, but then I used to be worried that I’d miss stuff due to Gmail’s spam filter, and that never happens..

    1. Simon, I have been using Priority Inbox as a Google employee for at least 6 months. It works great, and hasn’t lost anything important for me.

      Be sure to use the “plus” sign and “minus” sign at the top of each email message to tell Gmail what is important to you. The algorithm works really well, but your personal votes help it work even better.

      Don Dodge

  4. Hi Om,

    you’re spreading good news today 🙂
    I’m curious to use Gmail’s new Priority feature.

    Seems that Google worked on their spam-algorithms to predict the good mails. Priority Inbox is like Spam-inverse.
    Good innovation.

  5. You know, I have been trying the new priority inbox out and I think it works great. My only wishlist item is to be able to prioritize my different inbox tabs. For instance, the standard setup is Important and Unred > Starred > Important (I added this one) > Everything Else. I wish I could move those around because I want to keep my important ones on top and in view at all times. Does anyone else have this problem?

  6. this feature will save a lot of time and prevent us from missing any important e-mail. google is really going one step further in every possible online service

  7. This goes to show how much of an advantage the big G has with who knows how many employees, all or most of whom use their external tools internally, most of them able to come up with sensible suggestions for improvement, and enough of them to turn those wishlists into reality.

  8. Agree it is a great new feature.

    That said Gmail is still missing the “High Importance” notification for outbound mails. I would also love them to improve their filters (set e label per email domain) and bring some wave functionalities.

    For a few days I have been using exchange POP3 support to retrieve all my mails into Gmail and use it as my default mail client. So far so good. I got the mails sync between my android phone and gmail, nice.

    I was using Outlook 2007

  9. Thanks Om! As always, great information. This feature will come in very handy as my company has been using my gmail to keep in contact over here in Afghanistan. It has made my gmail into a nightmare. This should help.

  10. Priority is critical in a world of information overload. My office uses cohuman.com, which also has a priority system but applied to tasks. very cool.

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