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  1. Hmmm… WordStar… XyWrite… I see that, like me, you’re a “lean & mean” word-processor kind of guy…

    And WriteRoom is excellent, despite the slew of recent “fullscreen modes” being cello-taped onto many apps.

    I only wish I could have a “vi-mode” for WriteRoom. That would make it the ultimate writing tool for me.

    Ever tried vi?

  2. I also really like iChat. To be fair, you can mix both .mac and AOL Instant Messenger users in the same buddy list. You can also login into multiple accounts simultaneously. iChat supports any IM server that uses the Jabber protocol, including Gmail/Google Talk.

  3. vi is a great word processor, the progenitor of ‘lean and mean’ – and it’s great for Terminal jockeys who prefer a *NIX environment. You might want to join the forums for WriteRoom and request this feature, the developer is always open to new ideas. 🙂

    cheers, JH

  4. Corey – point well taken, I tend to jump from Adium to iChat as the mood strikes for that additional UI polish as well. In fact, I find myself gravitating more and more to iChat, but for the purpose of reaching those laggards on MSN (blech) or Yahoo (lesser blech), Adium is still the only game in town.

  5. Mike, QuickSilver is also a great program, but I had to stop after 5 or so, and for the purposes of Web Workers, I decided to let that one go for this article and focus on more Telco-oriented items. I did talk about WriteRoom, true – but for this ADD-bedeviled writer, it’s a necessity, not an option. 🙂

    cheers, JH

  6. Hi there-
    I feel almost unworthy to post… since I come from the proletain sphere of old laptop running XP ProSP2 – but my question – using VPN as you mentioned – is this i use FTP to trasfer video.
    I was woderig if I do someday – am able to afford a Mac Notebook- would ‘AlmostVPN ‘ be the way to go instead of FTP transfer for sending out my stores in WIFI areas? I know you can FPC forward feature – to send video to another collaborator on a video project.
    What if you didn’t want to do it that way? Or clients were on another NLE software system?
    Whats a good suggestion for a Freelance Journo on the go always to send video files of his or her reports over WIFI or 3G WCDMA networks?
    mere mortal on Xp….

  7. great post, thanks for that. I have just started using Writeroom. I find room for both Adium and iChat on my system, i find iChat much faster for file transfers than Adium.

  8. SHOWNGO, thanks for the kind words. I also use both Adium and iChat for different applications. Mike, I’m checking with a friend who is a true Mac Jedi Master (and possible Lord of the Sith) to get the best possible answer for your question, hang tight!

  9. Ayazmahmood – thanks! 🙂

    Mikeinmanila – after checking in with my friend, the ultimate Mac Jedi, I am told that if you are asking whether an SSH port forwarded tunnel is better than using FTP to publish content, here is the answer. It’s pretty simple, and boils down to privacy – if the content is private, or doesn’t need security, then FTP is fine – otherwise SSH would be best.

    cheers, JH

  10. thank you sensi! your humble student has learned much from this most excelent teaching. Now on the last part about 3g WDCMA/GPRS/EDGE or wifii as data transmission platform?
    Mostly we usie a SEW+DISH uplink or Scotti 256kbps ISDN uplink at non-celluar and non – wifi remote areas to get back to my VPN for which ever clients FTP.
    I was wondering if there was a platform using next generation celluar networks HSD networks are alternative in 3G EDGE/GPRS enabled areas for video?

  11. Hey – old-school is as old-school does, and a good vocabulary meets all the criteria of today’s techno-elite.

    It’s viral (you learn and spread it) and it separates the real elite from the noobie scamming pr0n. 😀

    cheers, JH

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