9 thoughts on “Goodbye Martin Schaedel”

  1. Just a kid.
    And his biography, as told by you and others says he’ll be missed,
    and a loss to those who will not meet him as well.
    Able eccentricity is too rare to lose…
    Sorry Om.

  2. @Ed, You are right. I think there is a few people who can break the mould and look beyond the obvious. he was one of them. desolate is the word i use to describe my state of mind.

  3. I met him only one time. That was the 1st time he visited Saigon and also the last 🙁 ! Having a quick coffee with him at night, before he went to another country. How wonderful the time was! He was a very very nice guy. He told me a lot things about some places that he visited and gave me so many advices for my carreer. I just miss so many little things that he talked about at that night. The way he looked, the talked, he smiled, he joked and he walked, everything. So impressive for the 1st time meeting.

    When counting down to new year 2009, I also called him to say “happy new year”. And now I can’t believe when hearing this so sad story :(!

    He was the most successful person that I’ve ever met and talked to. He was also very attractive, a really fun guy and I loved his smile and his eyes :)!

    And now look at his picture again here, I feel so sad, so sad…
    Just want to say RIP, Martin!

    We love you!

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