14 thoughts on “Google 4000? Why Not?”

  1. Heck, what do mere Wall St. analysts know. I will out raise them all. My price target for Google is ONE GOOGOL (1.0×10^100). Ironic, eh?

  2. Sure $2000 or whatever, but what is the rational behind arriving at that figure ? The only one I can think of is $20 EPS which is achievable if they grow at 100% over the next two years.

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  4. There is no reason why a product cannot be successful simply because company founders reckon they would like to buy it themselves: it’s worked fairly well for Steve Jobs at Apple.

    However, I agree that Google’s founders might have to try a bit harder than a software bundle to up the numbers – and the share price – by any significant amount. That is unless we just slipped back 10 years time and everyone forgot to tell me it’s 1996 all over again.

  5. The Google price is an expression of the future. If U beleive in the future buy. If you believe in the past lose.

  6. I like the Google Pack updater. It reminds me of “apt-get” for Windows. It’s something that Microsoft should have built into the OS from day 1.

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