9 thoughts on “Google Calendar Has a Smart Rescheduler — It's Grrrrrrreat!”

  1. So again, what are the exact rules that would decide this?
    Many office products have this feature, so its not exactly new. But most of them allow you to choose the next possible time based on, say all the participant’s availability. With Google Calendar though, I dont know.

  2. Not sure what Google knows about the attendees to do anything other than check availability – like outlook has done for over 10 years.

    1. Joe and iptiam

      Google has outlined how they do it briefly on the website and they told us how they were thinking about this. My view is that they wouldn’t tell us precisely how they are getting it done. I am sure that would qualify as their secret sauce.

      I am just trying it and I am seriously impressed. Since we use Google Apps, at least for our company this is a welcome addition. Outlook/Exchange might do this, but I am not aware of it because I don’t use Microsoft platforms as part of my daily work flow.

  3. Just think it’s strange, many of the tech press sites now use GoogleApps. We’re getting post after post about pretty basic functionality – just because they’re using it as part of their job.
    Isn’t it a reporter’s job to provide a balanced view of the landscape in terms of functionality?

  4. Om,

    I’ve used TimeBridge in the past. I liked some of what it does, namely its core functionality of finding times that work for everyone, but was turned off by how pushy it is about trying to get people to share their full schedules. It bace akward with clients.

    How would you compare the two?

    1. JOshua

      I used Timebridge and had the same issues. I backed away mostly because I felt that it wasn’t as seamless in my workflow. I think the Google solution might not be perfect just yet, my view is that it is free and part of the work flow and might be worth using, despite being rough around the edges. I said great because it actually has no latency when it comes to usage and adoption.

  5. Am I the only person seeing the following content repeated: “Cyrus Mistery, Product Manager for Google Calendar told GigaOM … schedule say dinner parties.” ?

    Liz and Om typed up the same lines? 😉

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