12 thoughts on “Google Calendar Some Details”

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  2. All Google has to do to keep Om’s mouth (or keyboard) shut is to give him a beta invite (and get him under the NDA) 🙂

  3. After looking at the screenshots at Techcrunch, it looks pretty much like 30boxes. But since its supposedly a long way from launch, the final product would be definitely different.

  4. This is a sureshot winner in the calendaring domain, with a great UI, as u tell frm the Screenshots, but this may evolve over time, like Gmail did. This is the best way of getting any product right, improve with feedbacks at the core. Bring out a product with some basic things tht an appl. require, then build upon it. The Google way!

  5. That sounds cool, but given as of right now 03/08/06 4:00PM PT, (both here on the west coast, and in england, according to a friend) that Gmail is completely inaccessible, I’m a bit leery of keeping my schedule on there.

  6. My only question is this: will it be able to publish calendars to iCal that include local notifications (i.e. “message sound”) that pop up on the computer screen instead of resorting to SMS or email?

    Somehow I doubt it, but it would be a really nice feature…

  7. Well, since 30 boxes sucks, I would guess that one key new feature it may introduce is “more than 5 people who actually use it”.

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