16 thoughts on “Google CEO: More Wave Invites In Weeks”

  1. At least one would expect the know a thing or two about smart API design.
    Looked at the WAVE API and what to I find. Context is an enum. OMG.
    That is exactly what went wrong with OO. Context in it’s simplest form is an aggregation, in real live it inhibits prioritizes and otherwise influences the “objects” aggregated into it. That’s why human language can be so ambiguous yet is incredible powerful.
    Anything build to facilitate work around human language should at least take this into account and not keep what we thought was right in the late 80’s of the 20th century.

  2. “Maybe when more people are using it, there is a good chance someone will figure it out and explain to me how it is supposed to improve my online life…”


    I feel the same way, but that unspoken promise of Google Wave being the “death” of e-mail ( or E-FAIL as Tantek calls it ) is enough to keep trying to use it. Just the every idea of that atrocious 49 *year* old technology finally being eliminated from my life is just too good to ignore.

    So, if a smart, fun, Om Wave™ thread starts, invite me. I’ll participate, try to bring value, helps us all figure out what to do with it!


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail ( First e-mail sent in 1961 )

  3. I remember trying to explain electronic mail to my mom back in the late 80’s, when the BBS was the big thing. She seemed rather confused by all of this technical talk, too.

    It’s a good thing that, with most technologies of the Internet, there isn’t a rigid definition of “here is how you are supposed to use this”… there is only “here… use it how you think it should be used” and from there, the crowd defines the use… and the application is then built-out from there.

    1. Agreed. But I think from a standpoint of Google Wave, I think they are trying to do too many things at the same time. I for one would have like a more staggered introduction to the wave, perhaps through their existing products such as the Chat and Email.

      I am pretty sure eventually Google Wave would become simple enough and prove its true value. It would take a lot of time if reasonably, if not totally competent folks like me have a tough time coming to grips with it.

      There is a lot of behavior modification that has to go hand-in-hand with Google Wave, and that sort of thing take a lot of time.

  4. Om wrote: Maybe when more people are using it, there is a good chance someone will figure it out and explain to me how it is supposed to improve my online life. (If you want a good Google Wave Primer, check out this research note over on our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro.)

    Are you telling us that reading your own Google Wave Primer has not helped you figure out Google Wave? Then, why should we buy it? 😉

  5. I think Google Wave is going to be great. My team and I look forward to using the platform for collaboration and easier communication. I think Google has done wonderful work in the past and I look forward to seeing more products from them.

  6. “Just because they can sell online ads and do search, who do Googlers think they know everything about media and politics?”

    I think you meant “why” not “who”, and judging by the backgrounds of some of the more influential Google staff members, I think they feel they have a good grasp of media and politics for a reason.

  7. Well I can tell you it doesn’t do anything if you don’t have contacts who also have Wave. I have submitted requests for invitations and anfter a couple of weeks nobody has received them. Makes me look like a liar to those I said I issued them for and it makes wave dull as hell because I don’t have any contacts that are allowed to use it.

  8. HI, could sameone invite me to…please!!!! I’m form moldova end in our country doesn’t have nowone…(((

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