7 thoughts on “More details on Google’s China Mobile plans”

  1. When will we see an integrated rollout of google services on Mobile as Yahoo did it with Yahoo Go! 2.0.
    IMHO, Google’s dominance over web search may not extend to the mobile web – where need for more local and relevant up-to-the-minute information opens up space for newer players.

  2. And what are those blood-pressure/hypertension google ads doing on a page that talks about tech, mobile, advertising etc?! I thought relevance was made Google what it is today — or was it just click fraud?!

  3. Vinod – great comment – it’s great to see some people actually thinking independently about the possibity you mention. There is growing evidence that you might be correct.

    Om – would love to learn more about your specifc interests in mobile search. Drop me an email if you’d like.

    Take care.

  4. joe,

    tell me about it. despite repeated submissions to their ad feedback network, nothing. I am just dying with this crap. oh man, no idea how to get away from this nonsense

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