7 thoughts on “Google Click To (Crank) Call”

  1. If almost every Google search result will also be reached via Google Talk, then this is a perfect synergy effect compared to Gizmo or Skype.

  2. Speculator’s Radar — VOII is rising on Google deal speculation (0.41 +0.08) : Tiny bulletin board Voip Inc. (VOII) is rising on high volume, as it seems that some are speculating the co has a click-to-call deal in place with Google, and that GOOG is close to launching its click-to-call offering, based on the following link. GOOG, which plans to make click-to-call technology available on its AdWords advertising platform, is clarifying that it’s using a third party telecommunications carrier to connect calls between Internet users and advertisers. A click-to-call advertiser pays Google the cost-per-click rate for arranging each call from a web user, but does not pay Google for telephone service, long distance, or other phone minutes. BriefingTrader Note: It says “A” third party, rather than multiple ones… some had speculated previously that VOII had ties to GOOG. Also of note, GOOG says in the link that its analysis suggests the business value of one call is roughly equal to that of about 10 clicks on an AdWords text ad

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