11 thoughts on “Who Came Up With the Name Superphone? Not Google”

  1. Where’s your promised Gigaom Android app? It’s weeks since you launched your iPhone app! Dont make others write that your bias towards the defective Apple phone is showing up again!

  2. Om, thanks for setting the record straight. He took some heat then, now ever major player uses the term to describe their “super” devices and conferences are being dedicated to superphones.

  3. Odd, I’d never heard the term “superphone” until this post. I guess I hang out in the wrong tech circles…

    1. Om,
      don’t blame your readers, blame your comments moderator. I left a comment earlier — brilliant, naturally, about how both smartphone and superphone make it seem like phone is preeminent when it’s really just become a feature. Jean-Louis Gassee said this better than I on his MondayNote site.

      However, my earlier comment seems to have vanished. There were no links, no swear words (I dont think), so maybe you’re losing comments.

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