13 thoughts on “Google Finance, More Cool Now”

  1. The aftermarket charts and the general enhancements might start to gain traction. Yahoo’s domination in this field could be undermined.

  2. Yahoo Finance was my start page for half a decade, before I gave up the distractions of following the stock market.

    Google Finance is great for looking up a single stock, but the personalization isn’t up to current “Web 2.0” standards, or even as good as Yahoo Finance 10 years ago.

    Here’s my partial wishlist for Portfolio Tracker 2.0:

    1. Help users prioritize the info that flows in on the stocks in their portfolios. If you have a couple blue chips along with smaller stocks, the volume of info on the big names overwhelms the reader and makes it less likely that they will notice important news item on a smaller stocks they are are tracking. For example, I had to take MSFT out of my Yahoo Finance portfolio because there is way too much daily news on it.

    2. Allow personalized outbound RSS feed(s) to be created from the prioritized info above.

    3. Create links to bank accounts through Yodlee or another account aggregation engine and allow RSS feeds to be created from the resulting data.

  3. A dabbler in stocks for the past two years, I dont see how showing early/after hours stock price history would be a big plus — its just one of the ok features but nothing thats gonna draw any crowds looking for it, IMHO!

  4. I mean…the new features are nice and all, but they still aren’t even close to the level of Yahoo’s finance. Whether it’s at my hedge fund job or at my personal home, I wouldn’t use G’s finance…yet, that is.

    It’s a large space and I think that they could gain ground from Yahoo if they would devote a little more “focus” on the project instead of just adding a feature or 2 here and there.

    But hey…it’s all about managing a finite number of resources to chase a infinite number of opportunities I guess.


  5. I wish, Google can add a feature to let us download stock data in Google Spreadsheet, directly from Google Finance website.


    Embed Google spreadsheet on the Finance page within an expandable window and allow easy flow of data to the spreadsheet with charting thrown in.

    This will be a heavenly feature for number crunchers like me.

  6. I’d like google to allow me to create a portfolio. I’d like it to analyze my portfolio, infer my risk/return appetite, find other users that fit my style, and are doing better than I am and suggest me their winning stock picks. If it can help me discover good stocks and funds, I’ll give it a shot

  7. After market charts is really useful. It is also good to Know that Google is thinking different. they need to provide something different than Yahoo or CNN Money to attract users, like they did with Gmail.

  8. Why don’t they snap up someone like SeekingAlpha (www.seekingalpha.com) who totally get the Web 2.0 part of finance. they were i spend my finance time these days. I get real opinions which help me form investment decisions.

  9. I think Google Finance is awful. I’m a big fan of Yahoo Finance. I just feel that the resources and the ease of use for it is much better than Google. It’s good to see Google trying to catch up to Yahoo in one area.

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