22 thoughts on “Google's Game-Focused Advertising Initiative To Launch This Month”

  1. Google will ultimately dominate not only the casual game market but be a major player in the MMPG (Online) market, hosting serious gamers over their Private (Internet replacement) fiber linked Data Hosting Centers (USA today-Worldwide tomorrow). The Games will be either free or Game play will be free with hosted ads covering this cost. This will replace the Microsoft (Walled Garden) Game Centers relying on best effort Internet Access for game play.

    Jim (aka WOW Bruto)

  2. Hmmm.. Re-inventing the wheel!

    They could have bought either one of these who are already in this game

    1. mochiads.com
    2. cgngames.com

    Yahoo / MSFT / FaceBook might go after one of these for sure!

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