13 thoughts on “Google goes to the Mall”

  1. Hi Om,

    Thanks for this find. It is indeed a surprise to see Google “kiosk” in the middle of an Indian Mall :-). My first impression was Google selling some gadget!!
    Anyways, I didn’t get full idea as to what Google is trying here. Promote? But how? I think you didn’t get a chance to go and talk to those folks, obviously you are on a vacation :). I am also from West Delhi, which Mall is this?

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  3. Hi Om,

    am sure you would have let off a small smile when you saw the Google kiosk. I would guess… You probably took time off, walked up there and asked the lady in the desk some information about what exactly they are doing in the Mall?

    It would have been great to hear their response, to feed us in this blog.

    Cheers, Vic

  4. Hey guys, first of all apologies for the spelling mistakes. reminds me why I should not post from a phone.

    i did talk to those guys at the kiosk. they are simply promoting the brand. people come and hang out at their kiosk and sit on the bean bags and the google folks tell them about the search engine and other services.

    I think it is part of promoting the company and brand in India, which is becoming a major part of Google’s plans.

    I didn’t spend too much time, since I had family obligations, but when I head out there the next time around, I will spend more time digging into this move.

  5. good way to reinforce the brand, with Gmail, Write , Spreadsheets Google is tightly focused on the consumer space. Good to see them take this route rather than pumping out adverts endorsed by clebs.

  6. Remember Google needs to hire at a crazy pace in Asia – this could also be a brand-building exercise to attract and hire smart people.

  7. Yeah, i too was there; even got to speak to the young executives.Looks like they were there attracting people for their AdWords division, which has opened up in Gurgaon. They were not that aggressive(in marketing) though, and kids surely had a good time on those coloured bean bags.
    The mall is City Square, in Rajouri Garden.

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