8 thoughts on “Google Instant Coming to Mobile & I Can’t Wait”

  1. This is great, but I think using Google Instant may potentially drain the mobile battery faster. I was wondering if Google or anyone has considered this aspect while launching Google Instant for mobiles.

  2. Om,
    I have turned off instant on my browser. It’s like being interrupted mid-sentence, repeatedly.

    And don’t believe the BS about instant not having anything to with money. Anyone who buys long-tail ads on Google knows different.

    1. Google does stuff to improve user experience and attract more people, they believe that automatically brings in the money. This is a fundamental philosophical shift, give users what they like, no other big company thinks like it(except for Apple) and you guys dont get it. Yes everything google does, it does it to bring more money, but bringing in more money is next to attracting users. Google likes to attract/help users first.

      1. the “benevolent father” view of google is one that every monopoly claims during its reign. microsoft, att bell…even the soviets and the brits had similar claims over their respective empires.

        its not that “we guys dont get it” but that we get it too well. it is easy to forget that without anti-trust action against microsoft, Bing would be the only search engine on the browser and the only browser on desktop would be IE. both despite microsoft’s best intentions towards the user.

  3. like they said of course they do care about money but what they’re saying is the reason they get a lot of money is because they listen to users and what they need. their business model simply works and it’s paying off by the billions.

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